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Warlord shop update

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Embrace the mantle of a true Warlord with the new shop update. The direct sale of Golden Saiga Bullpup and regular Remington R11 RSASS + 25% discount for Warlord gear will last till the 14th of June.

Golden Saiga Bullpup

What you’ve got here is obviously a bullpup configuration that adds extra length to the barrel, which pays off in accuracy and increased effective range, while situating action behind the trigger group makes it extremely manageable in terms of recoil – a definitely positive feat for an automatic shotgun. Overall, its structure puts it right against the body, translating into naturally high – for a combat shotgun, that is – hip-fire accuracy.


Remington R11 RSASS

Remington R11 RSASS delivers high damage at an incredibly high rate of fire compared to its peers. The key advantage is the effective range - you can be sure you’ll be landing the shots with full damage even firing across the longest ranges like Hawkrock’s windows, aka the “sniper nests”, and any other long-range encounters. Not to mention, the great room for error with a large  magazine - plenty to correct any mistake swiftly or keep the suppressive fire on the key positions, provided that you can manage the recoil!

Warlord gear

Warlord gear provides excellent stats, especially when equipped as a set. Don't miss the special 25% discount!

Conquer it all!

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