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Trinity shop update

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PKP Pecheneg, RPD Custom and M249 Para have emerged in store and will stay there till the 14th of June. Regular versions of these guns are available via Direct Sale, while Random Boxes may yield both regular and golden variants.

And to spice things up - enjoy the 30% discount for the Random Boxes of the three mentioned guns!

PKP Pecheneg

PKP Pecheneg is the true king of delivering devastating damage and sowing sheer havoc among your enemies. Owing to its superb firepower and rate of fire values, this light machine gun is well suited for annihilating foes in precise bursts.

RPD Custom

“Custom” in the name of the gun implies that it has been modified - improved in comparison to the standard version. A large variety of attachments will help you to customize the gun – play the way you like! Impressive damage, easy-to-control recoil and advanced zoom-in make RPD Custom indispensable in any PvP match. 

M249 Para

M249 is an air-cooled and gas-operated machine gun. With its quick-change barrel Para allows the gunner to quickly change overheated or jammed barrels. This reliable weapon will prove useful in any battle.

Allies of old unite once again!

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