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SAE Scout is truly a pro player’s pick — a bolt-action sniper rifle that provides you with mobility and utility to make plays outside the box.


SAE Scout is based on the Steyr Scout light-weight bolt-action rifle. Steyr Scout has been designed as an all-purpose rifle, to satisfy the criteria of Jeff Cooper, who was looking for the “one rifle you should own, if you could only own one”.

When it comes to marksman and sniper rifles, it goes without question accuracy’s expected to be on point. And when that comes to Steyr Mannlicher, you know you’re in the clear in that department. The rifle is custom made to include a dozen of features, and while aesthetically firearm users split into two camps — you either love it or hate it — most, if not all agree that regardless of its unorthodox looks, it’s extremely ergonomic. Some of the definitive features are the low-positioned scope ahead of the usual area as well as the collapsible bi-pod built into the rifle.


SAE Scout has little to no differences from the gun it is inspired by. While its accuracy and damage remain absolutely out of the question, the rate of fire is incredibly high for a bolt-action rifle — coupled with low recoil, it makes the Scout a prime weapon for close quarters combat. The rifle’s collapsible bi-pod only add up to these advantages, letting you switch to a secondary weapon and back to the primary way faster than usual.

The Scout’s available in two variants: regular and golden, that can be found in Random Kredit Boxes. The golden variant comes with a higher max range (35 -> 37), one more round in the mag (5 -> 6) and thus, more total ammo carried (35 -> 42).

And that's not all: you get an exclusive chance to stand out in a crowd and get yourself a rare Avalanche Skin for Sae Scout!

The rifle and the skin will leave the shop this Friday at 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET), so hurry up!


Austrian Scout

Kill 10.000 enemies with a Sae Scout

Advanced Austrian Scout

Kill 25.000 enemies with a Sae Scout

Deer Hunter

Make 999 kills with a Gold Sae Scout


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