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New map "Residence"

The new “Blitz” map we’ve all longed for! New unusual setting, numerous passages and a variety of tactics. The action takes place at the residence of Oberon White himself. The objective is the secret storage. The time is right now!

New weapons

Atheris GQ50

Atheris GQ50, a new superb sniper rifle that comes in two variants: regular and golden. Thanks to .50 caliber munitions the enemy will be eliminated with a single shot – no protective gear will save them at close and medium ranges.

ZX84 A5 Custom

A lightweight, high-performance SMG, ZX84 A5 Custom features a unique Fast Zoom scope with a broader field of view. The simple and manageable recoil pattern helps with quick follow-up shots, while its damage multipliers guarantee a headshot within its effective range.

New rank

The maximum rank’s been raised to 84 – Enter Vityaz, Major of the Heralds of Death. Become a legendary warrior of the epic sagas!

The first regional server

A new regional server will be launched in Hong Kong alongside with Simplified Chinese localization. Now it is even more convenient to play Warface from Asia!

Other changes

FAS-12 and GU7 improvement

Habits die hard – it’s hard to let go of your old guns you’ve gotten so used to! The FAS-12 shotgun and GU7 SMG specifications have received a boost. Don’t hesitate to take them to battle!

Garota readjustment

The Garota sniper rifle has been rebalanced. We have added parametric recoil in the aiming mode, whereas its damage, rate of fire and other key stats have remained intact.