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Genie shop update

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Boost your arsenal with the genie shop update. The following guns will be available till the 10th of June:

  • Golden McMillan CS5 via Direct Sale
  • Golden CZ 75-Auto via Direct Sale
  • S&W M&P R8 via Direct Sale
  • FN FAL DSA-58 via Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden FN FAL DSA-58 via Random Boxes

Golden McMillan CS5 

McMillan CS5 is designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings. The bolt action CS5 is specifically made as a compact and concealable precision tactical rifle. It is available in suppressed configuration for military and law enforcement applications, as well as in a standard configuration.

Golden CZ 75-Auto

CZ 75-Auto is a modern, fully automatic weapon capable of delivering excellent damage a shot at a rate of fire truly crazy for a handgun. Owing to the design, the sidearm barely has any recoil and provides remarkable accuracy both when aimed and ‘sprayed’ – large magazine size lets you do that. 

S&W M&P R8

In this world there are two kinds of people: those with loaded guns and those who dig. Which one do you prefer? Pick the right side with a revolver that combines high damage, excellent range and fitting accuracy. R8 is everything you would expect from a versatile secondary weapon – and more!


FN FAL comes equipped with a unique tactical grip, DSA-58. This is a considerable improvement in terms of handling the weapon, drastically increasing the accuracy when fired from the hip. Custom high-powered munitions allow it to deal increase damage to arms and legs in the game, as well as granting it improved damage at greater distances.

You got some power in your corner now!

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