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New weapon skins will soon hit consoles and you have a chance to create a name for them and win them all alongside with a permanent weapon!

How to participate?

Create the name for the skins series from the picture below and post it in the comments section till 12:00 UTC on the 10th of June. Please mention your in-game name and the platform you play on. We are going to choose one winner (PC or Consoles one).


Consoles winner

All weapon skins from this series and one weapon of choice from the list below:
•  Steyr Scout
•  Uzkon UNG-12
•  HArms CQR
•  LWRC SMG-45
•  S&W M&P R8

PC winner

One weapon of choice from the list above.

Please note that it’s not guaranteed that the skins are going to be implemented for PC version of the game. 


•  Each contributor is allowed to submit only one entry
•  Your contribution should not violate any community rules, should not be offensive or contain obscene language. 
•  By submitting your entry you agree it can be used by MY.GAMES without requiring your approval.
Good luck!

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