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Soon in game: Stoner LMG A1

Categories: Armory


The next update will feature a new Stoner LMG A1 manufactured by Knight's Armament Company. The weapon sports striking next-gen looks and is absolutely essential when facing waves of enemy hordes!


The American self-taught engineer Eugene Stoner developed his first assault rifles back in 1963. The weapons proved reliable modular light machine gun systems combining impressive firepower and a relatively light weight. The new Stoner LMG A1 was first exhibited in 2015.

Thanks to low rate of fire and stable recoil submachine guns were easier to control than their peers of the time even when holding the firearm and in motion. What's more, they offer fast and comfortable reload, a “quick change” air-cooled barrel and аre compatible with the M27 link.

In Warface

The gun boasts an excellent accuracy-damage ratio especially while aiming. Besides, fast reload makes Stoner LMG A1 stand out among other weapons of the same class as it takes the operator only 4 seconds to change the magazine and get ready to fire.

The LMG feeds from an impressive 180-round magazine; at the same time, the Rifleman can carry another 540 rounds. Moreover, additional damage to limbs and manageable recoil are other merits of the new model which are offset by low rate of fire and moderate effective range.

Its golden version will receive increased hip accuracy and extended mag taking additional ammo.           


Don’t forget the fancy achievements coming for kills made with this gun!

Wielding Stoner LMG A1 means you will come out victorious and alive even if there are less than 300 of you against thousands of enemies.

Please note that the specs indicated above can be subject to changes per testing results.

Let sheer terror grip tight their hearts with icy fingers! To victory!

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