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Shop update of Ice and Fire

Categories: Armory

Lords and ladies of Warface!

The time has come for all of us to unite... unite in checking the shop update of Ice and Fire. Ten guns of "Icebreaker" and "Earth Shaker" series will keep watch in store till the 24th of April. All of them are available both through Random Kredit Boxes and Direct Sale.

Do you want to burn your enemies to ashes? Or you prefer them to feel the inescapable embrace of true cold? With these guns you can do both!

And after 10 000 (with any weapon) and 15 000 (with specific weapon) incinerations / freezes you will also get bonus achievements to complement those smug actions of yours.

Icebreaker guns

M16A3 CustomM16A3 Custom
Fabarm STF 12 CompactFabarm STF 12 Compact
Honey BadgerHoney Badger
Steyr ScoutSteyr Scout
CZ 75 Czechmate ParrotCZ 75 Czechmate Parrot

Earth Shaker guns

Type 97Type 97
McMillan CS5McMillan CS5
SIG Sauer P226 CSIG Sauer P226 C

Seize. That. Throne.

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