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Uzkon UNG-12 is here (so is "Galaxy" H&K G28)

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Uzkon UNG-12 is here - in Random Boxes. "Galaxy" H&K G28 has also paid us a visit, yet not through Boxes but via a Direct Sale. Tough luck. Both cherries are ready for pick up till the 19th of April.

Uzkon UNG-12 

Uzkon UNG-12 shows plenty of promise with accuracy, effective range, damage and rate of fire values — the latter as its forte. Having said that, it falls short of customization features provided by its peers, as the shotgun can only be outfitted with a flash guard that reduces muzzle flash and damage drop beyond its effective range.

The shotgun also comes in three versions: regular, golden and platinum. Golden UNG-12 features increased magazine capacity and rate of fire, while the Platinum counts as a camo for your golden version. By the way, if you find the Platinum skin in a Random Box, you’ll get the golden gun as well!

"Galaxy" H&K G28

When it comes to combat stats, H&K G28 is a totally different breed. The rifle allows its user to be effective at any range, as its unique collimator sight accommodates for medium to close range encounters. Alongside versatility, G28 excels in delivering substantial damage — two shots will be enough to take any target down, while a single headshot will be lethal. To add spice to the mix, this German DMR’s not too needy on recoil and boasts a competitive rate of fire.

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