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Golden Glock 18C makes its debut

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Regular and Golden Glock 18C are available till the 31st of January.

Back when Glock 18C was added, we were concerned that perhaps it would be overpowered and thus break the meta — the sidearm boasted both damage and rate of fire similar to the entry level Engineer primaries. However, as time went by, Glock 18C was eclipsed by other sidearms following their respective overhauls. It’s time to give the Austrian some love!

Thus, we bumped up the damage of Glock 18C by 10 points (up to 60), and toned up accuracy to a smaller extent. Damage multipliers were affected as well: increased damage to legs, but reduced damage to the head. This makes the pistol stronger as a whole, but will not allow it to completely replace the concept of a primary weapon.

It would border sacrilege to revamp the gun but not to give it a golden version! This one has improved on the damage, range and magazine capacity of the automatic 18C.

Among other things — like sheer pleasure from firing a golden gun, of course! — is the unique achievement stripe depicting a historical artifact, the Holy Lance.

These changes shape Glock 18C into a reliable sidearm on par with other secondaries.

Lance through!

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