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Direct sale: Earth Shakers: Episode II

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Other Earth Shakers have joined the direct sale line-up. Claim Earth Shaker ACR, Mossberg 500 Custom, SCAR-L PDW, SIG Sauer P226 and Katana. Earth Shaker AX308 is independently available via Random Kredit Boxes. The whole series will leave the store on the 14th of January.

Scorching 15 000 enemies with respective weapons will provide you with themed stripes.


Earth Shaker ACR


 Earth Shaker Mossberg 500 Custom


Earth Shaker SCAR-L PDW


Earth Shaker AX308


Earth Shaker SIG Sauer P226 


Earth Shaker Katana

Kill 10 000 foes with any Earth Shaker weapon

Time to play with fire!


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Icebreaker M16A3, Fabarm STF 12 Compact, Honey Badger, Steyr Scout, SIG Sauer P226 and Tactical Axe in store till the 17th of January
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Direct sale: Earth Shakers
Earth Shaker Type 97, SIX12, ACR CQB, McMillan CS5, Glock 18C and KA-BAR Kukri Machete in store till the 14th of January
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