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Soon in game: “Yakuza” weapon series

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Longing for an exotic and powerful arsenal? Take a look at the “Yakuza” weapon series and skins, coming to Warface with the new Special Operation “Sunrise”!

“Yakuza” weapon series

Yakuza is all about the time-honored traditions. You will find four class-specific weapons, as well as  secondary and melee options: RPD Custom, Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, ACR CQB, M14 Crazy Horse, S&W M&P R8, and of course, a Katana. If you already own the original guns, you’ll be able to get weapon skins of the same pattern to customize the look of your trusted allies.

The design is bound to catch an eye of any firearms enthusiast — an otherworldly mix combines tranquil cherry blossoms, festive koinobori, fierce masks and relentless dragons. True strength unfolds!


These weapons and skins will be awarded for completing the upcoming Special Operation “Sunrise”. In the meantime, let’s turn our eyes to the unique stripes that can be unlocked for combat kills with Yakuza! You need to get 10 000 kills with each weapon to get its respective stripe.

Please note that the weapon skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect weapon stats. You need to have the base (original) weapon in your armory to apply a weapon skin.

Bushido dignified!

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