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Soon in game: Icebreaker set expanded

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Now that winter’s setting in, it’s time for an armory refit. And when it comes to ice cold warfare, there’s no choice better than the Icebreaker set, soon to be updated with several more guns!

The Icebreakers share the same striking pattern, while their performance remains unchanged from the original versions — just as efficient in dispatching any foe. You will also be able to outfit your existing basic guns with the Icebreaker weapon skins, provided that you have the required model within your armory.

Beretta ARX160


CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1

Bushmaster BA50

CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot

Master any of the Icebreaker guns to earn its unique achievement stripe — it’ll take 15000 combat kills (see the table above).

Once you’ve eliminated at least 5000 enemies with any of the Icebreaker weapons, you’ll also get the “Icebreaker Sight” mark, while 10000 kills with any Icebreaker gun will earn you the “As cold as your ex's heart” badge.

Stay frosty!

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