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Direct sale: Gold AS50

Categories: Armory


Swift and deadly Gold AS50 is available for direct purchase till the 4th of December.

AS50 is a golden mean between the bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles. Whereas other sniper rifles either emphasize on damage or speed, AS50 chooses to combine the two benefits into a fine mix.

Its damage is at the highest mark in the game (350), and the rifle is capable of firing subsequent shots fairly swiftly as well (rate of fire - 215). Ejection sequence is brief but automatic, thus AS50 feels like a bolt-action sniper rifle, stripped of the need to do the actual bolt action. Albeit the rifle barely suffers an accuracy drop when fired without zooming, the .50 caliber sure does result in quite a kick – so you best learn to manage the recoil if you want to master rapid-firing. Per tradition, the rifle can be outfitted with either of the two bipods and a variety of scopes.

You can of course obtain special achievements for enemy disposal with this gun.

Kill 10 000 enemies with AS50 or its gold version
Kill 25 000 enemies with AS50 or its gold version
 Kill 999 enemies with Gold AS50
The end justifies the means!

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