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Challenge Cup IV begins tomorrow

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This weekend new contestants of the last CC stage will break the mold. Challenge Cup IV matches will take place on November 17-18 starting from 13.00 UTC. Warface Open Cup: Season XIV proceeds.

Challenge Cup IV

Watch the stream and receive cool rewards!

By watching the stream on the promo page you'll automatically become a participant in the draw game. The draw game will last till the stream is over. Enjoy the matches, and may you be the lucky one! 

You can check the schedule on eSports website.

Tournament bracket

Reminder: Prior to the matches the team captains should check if all the team members have downloaded a special game client and can enter the tournament server. 

Communications with judges and tournament notifications will take place on eSports Discord.

Prize pool

  •     1st place – 25000 Kredits to the team (participation in the Wild Card stage and in the next season's Masters League);
  •     2nd place – 20000 Kredits to the team (participation in the Wild Card stage);
  •     3rd place – 10000 Kredits to the team;
  •     4th place – 4000 Kredits to the team;
  •     5-6 places — 2000 Kredits to the team.

All participants will receive unique achievements and rewards!


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