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Saiga Spike, Nuclear Beretta ARX160 and MAG-7 pierce the store

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Today three guns have spawned in store: Saiga Spike, Nuclear Beretta ARX160 and Nuclear MAG-7.

Saiga Spike is a brand new unique shotgun for Warface Dollars that is here to stay.

Nuclear Beretta ARX160 and Nuclear MAG-7 will roam only till the 8th of October.

Saiga Spike

Meet Saiga Spike, a destructive bullpup shotgun that uses highly-potent slugs! It packs a punch strong enough to knock down any opponent within 12 meters.

Moving on to the specs, one can’t help but notice the damage values and how they translate into performance in the real world of Warface. Unlike pellets, a slug round delivers a steady focused shot that is  powerful enough to knock anyone down, regardless of their armor.

While lenient on damage — maxing out at 500 points within its effective range of 12m — this gun leaves little room for error with its low rate of fire and capacity. Nevertheless, the bullpup configuration makes recoil manageable and accuracy reliable enough for an average user, while the Picatinny rail provides plenty of customization opportunities.

Looking for a new experience as a medic? Look no further and check out Saiga Spike in Warface Dollar Boxes.

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Nuclear Beretta ARX160

A prime assault rifle packed with devastating power – Nuclear ARX160 is an ideal weapon for combat in any area and at any distance. This radioactive monstrosity combines outstanding power with controllable recoil and peak RPM making it deadly even in the hands of a rookie.  Add high accuracy and you receive a recipe for disaster, the disaster of your foes!

Nuclear MAG-7

Despite its size, MAG-7 has one of the highest damage values in the game — it’s a pump-action shotgun after all. At the same time this glorious weapon is not limited in accuracy and its range remains highly competitive. The lack of substantial recoil is not disturbing at all and makes MAG-7 perfect for landing subsequent shots on your targets — effectively disintegrating them.

Pierce through any opposition!

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