Warface Open Cup: Season XIV announcement

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We are glad to announce the start of the 14th Warface Open Cup season. This is a PVP tournament, where you can become an eSports star and not only get plenty of awesome rewards but also earn the respect and love of millions of fans worldwide!

The tournament will begin with online matches and will culminate in the international LAN-Finals, where the best EU-server teams will encounter the CIS representatives. As per the set tradition, the tournament will have one league open for all and one separate league for the masters.


Season XIV features

  • International LAN-Finals: not only the CIS champions but also the best EU-server teams will take part.
  • 2 EU-server and 6 RU-server teams in the finals.
  • 64 teams in each preliminary stage of Challenge League.
  • 10 teams in the Masters League.
  • A lot of spectacular matches and broadcasts.

Key tournament dates

  • Start of the registration for the Challenge Cup: September the 26th
  • Challenge Cup I:  October 6-7
  • Challenge Cup II: October 20-21
  • Challenge Cup III: November 3-4
  • Challenge Cup IV: November 17-18
  • The beginning of the Masters League competition:  October the 10th


Stay tuned for more information about Warface Open Cup: Season XIV and when the time comes - follow the official streams to get cool prizes!

Tournament plan

The 14th season of Warface Open Cup will consist of three stages.

Stage I

In the first stage of the tournament there are two types of competitions: Master League and Challenge League - for promising teams and for those who are ready to challenge them!

Challenge League

Registration starts - 26th of September

Challenge League - a competition in which everyone can participate. Tournament matches will be held in 4 stages with 64 teams taking part in each.

The winners of each Challenge Cup stage will receive direct quotas into the next season's Masters League.

Masters League

Competition starts - 10th of October

Masters League will witness the meeting of promising teams that have retained their quotas from the previous season or scored enough points for the previous successes. Games will be held in a circular system - each team will play with every other. The team ranked first will receive a direct quota into the Lan-Finals.

If there are free slots in the Masters League XIV, then everyone will be able to apply for participation. The teams that registered in this tournament and scored the highest number of points according to the results of previous competitions will take the vacant seats.

Stage II: Wild Card

Here will meet the teams that occupy the following places:

  • 2-9th places in the Masters League
  • 8 finalists of Challenge Cup stages this season (2 teams per stage)

A total of 16 teams will battle according to the Double Elimination system. This means that those who lose will leave the tournament, and the best team will go to the Grand LAN-Finals.

Stage III: International LAN-Finals

Time - Beginning of 2019

As in the 13th season, the decisive battles for the main prize of  Warface Open Cup: Season XIV will bring together teams from all over the world: 2 teams from the EU server and 6 from CIS ones. We remind you that the teams from North America, Asia, Europe and Africa take part in the selection.

Prize Pool

The prize fund of the competitions is 5 500 000 Russian rubles!

  • 1st place - 2 100 000 rubles.
  • 2nd place - 1 100 000 rubles.
  • 3-4th places - 550 000 rubles
  • 5-6th places - 350 000 rubles.
  • 7-8th places - 250 000 rubles.

For the best players of the coming tournaments personal achievements have been prepared.

Your time to shine draws near!


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