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Soon in game – Factory 2.0

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The game will soon feature a new version of the map you have known for a long time, that is – the “Factory” map for “Plant the Bomb” mode. The visuals and the lighting will be significantly improved, but key objects will remain at the same places. So, if you know the map, you’ll quickly get used to its new version.

We remind you that “Factory” is an industrial zone. The map has a lot of long zones that can be controlled by snipers, as well as a couple of places for close quarters combat.

Naturally, the ultimate objective remains the same. Defending teams should prepare for the attack and prevent the demolition of the plant sites by either destroying the enemy or defusing the bomb.

The attackers have to destroy strategic objects on the enemy territory by infiltrating the object from the Eastern side and planting the bomb in one of the key spots.

How do you like the reworked map, soldiers?

Please note that all the information here is preliminary and is subject to testing. It may change during or after the test process.

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