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March Update - now in game

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The update will introduce long-awaited “Yard” overhaul, new weapons and bug fixes.



UZI Pro will be the second legendary SMG available in the Arsenal – all players that have accumulated enough vendor points will be able to obtain this outstanding weapon.

Its main in-game merits lie in top RPM, high limb damage multiplayer, comfortable recoil, great range and plenty of unique attachments. You will receive these unique attachments along with UZI Pro upon unlocking the weapon.

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Fostech Origin-12

Speaking of Origin’s in-game stats – this shotgun boasts amazing RPM, steady damage and above the average accuracy even at large distances. On top of that, it offers a large clip size holding twenty bullets and high reload speed. The golden version of Origin-12 will not only make you stand out on the battlefield but will provide even more impressive RPM and effective distance. Compatible attachments include a scope and a flash suppressor.

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Grenade launcher

Grenade launcher got nerfed. Now it’s impossible to kill a player with a direct hit under the following conditions:

  • The player has full HP and armor
  • The vest provides 30+ additional armor points or has at least 10% protection from explosives

Recoil with equipped grenade launcher has been further increased.

Scopes improvement

A range of scopes will get improvements for you to enjoy using these attachments even more. The changes will impact Pistol Scope, Basic Assault Scope, Special Reflex Sight and MRS Adjustable LED. Regular, golden and camo versions of the scopes will be affected.

Enhancements will mostly be visual – the position of the camera when shooting, the appearance of the scope itself on the screen, etc. Thus the field of vison will be increased both in and out of the scope, while the outdated aiming grids will be replaced.

Only one attachment will have its mechanics altered – Pistol Scope from the rare tier of the arsenal will provide 2X zoom instead of 1.5X in the aiming mode.

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Yard Overhaul

The game will feature a renewed version of the “Yard” map for “Plant the bomb” mode.  The visuals will be significantly improved but the key objects will stay on the same spots. This means that the overhaul with not interfere with map orientation you are used to.

Watch the video to see how it looks like:

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Other changes

  • Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported (Learn more)
  • All “Team Death match” maps have been returned to Clan wars mode
  • Dot has been added to crosshair types
  • Bomb can no longer be dropped between objects
  • “Credits” button has been removed from the in-game help section.

Bug fixes

  • Shell animation problem no longer occurs after hitting with a shotgun in melee combat
  • AK "Alpha": visual problems with rifleman grip have been fixed.
  • RMG Custom: kills from this weapon now count to the “Russian Punisher” achievement.
  • Atheris GQ50: shooting particles no longer duplicate near the lower part of the barrel.
  • Richmond 770: weapon materials have been overhauled to react better with the environment lighting.
  • Fast Mid Range Scope 5X: visual artifacts while zooming have been removed.
  • PvE: "Balkans": plant icon now disappears correctly when the group moves further on .
  • PvE: "Middle East": it is no longer possible to get stuck in some places.
  • PvP: "Clan wars": it is no longer possible to start a match without the enemy.
  • PvP/PvE: a missing space has been added to the results screen.
  • Special Operation Pripyat: some visual problems have been fixed.
  • Safe house: the problem when the grenade sometimes did not detonate in the corner has been fixed.
  • Safe house: it is now possible to fully slide under the slide obstacle.
  • Safe house: the distant wall is now properly displayed.
  • Sound: shooting sound no longer gets bugged after a character’s death.
  • Localization: empty strings in the descriptions of attachments and items have been removed.

Known issues

  • Sniper rifle suppressor: duplicated particles appear after shooting in aimed mode.

See you in game!

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