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Soon in game: scope improvements

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In the next update a range of scopes will get improvements for you to enjoy using these attachments even more. The changes will impact Pistol Scope, Basic Assault Scope, Special Reflex Sight and MRS Adjustable LED. Regular, golden and camo versions of the scopes will be affected.

Enhancements will mostly be visual – the position of the camera when shooting, the appearance of the scope itself on the screen, etc. Thus the field of vison will be increased both in and out of the scope, while the outdated aiming grids will be replaced.

Only one attachment will have its mechanics altered – Pistol Scope from the rare tier of the arsenal will provide 2X zoom instead of 1.5X in the aiming mode.

Pistol Scope
(rare tier of the arsenal)

Basic Assault Scope
(standard equipment)

MRS Adjustable LED
(AY 226, SX-41, Richmond 870 RIS)

Special Reflex Sight
(Fararm LTR6, W&S P8)

Aim higher. Stay focused.

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