Halloween update – now in game

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This update will introduce a new rank, various additions to the arsenal, bugfixes and all the rest you may need for a perfect Halloween!


Cemetery map

The mystical map makes its way back as well. No better battlegrounds for a Halloween than a cemetery with open caskets, scarecrows, witches and Jack-o’-lanterns! Just click on the in-game banner to play on it!

Halloween Set

The boxes awarded for completing the special operation now grant 6 weapons from the new weapon set — Halloween 2017. Here’s the full list of weapons included: AC7 MG, VIPER, SMG-19 Wisent, Karkom SNR Navy Blue, P-57 and the sapper shovel.

Cyber Horde returns

The long-awaited special operation’s making a return in Warface! Halloween celebrations aside, you’ll face hordes of cyborgs in exchange for some thematic rewards, unique achievements and weapons from a brand new set!

Festive appearances

The game will greet you with a new, thematic loading screen and a musical theme.


The chain of command grows ever larger with the new rank of 87 — Major-General of the “Heralds of Death” squadron, depicting a shinobi.

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WPA 039 GMD is the first legendary-tier secondary Arsenal weapon, unlocked for VP. This rapid-firing automatic sidearm can be outfitted with a broad variety of attachments: barrel and top rail. Per tradition, every Arsenal firearm has a unique modification. WPA comes with a suppressor — not only does it silence the shot, it also increases accuracy of the firearm.

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Westerner 1887 brings is mind-blowingly powerful, highly accurate and barely has any kickback. This iconic weapon doesn’t have any modifications, because Arnie said so. Speaking of which, it has a unique reload animation, while its golden variant has a couple of benefits: increased effective range and magazine capacity. Westerner 1887 will be available in Random Kredit Boxes.

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Safehouse isn’t just a hideout, and as of this update, it will be more than just a shooting range! You will now be able to practice climbing, jumping, obstacle-running and anything else to help you catch up to Oberon White. Use the laptop to launch the training exercise!


Newcomers will no longer be distracted with various interface elements as part of the UI will be disabled for the first few levels. These elements will instead be gradually unlocked to the new player based on rank progress.


The Halloween 2017 set achievements have been added: stripes for AC7 MG, VIPER, SMG-19 Wisent, Karkom SNR Navy Blue, P-57 and the sapper shovel.

Halloween 2017 VIPER

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 VIPER.

Halloween 2017 Karkom SNR

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 Karkom SNR

Halloween 2017 SMG-19 Wisent

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 SMG-19 Wisent.

Halloween 2017 AC7 MG

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 AC7 MG.

Halloween 2017 P-57

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 P-57.

Halloween 2017 Sapper Shovel

Eliminate 15,000 enemies with the Halloween 2017 Sapper Shovel.


  • Flash / stun effects: duration and flash have been reduced; helmets (that provide flashbang protection) are now more efficient, reducing the duration and initial flash effectiveness.
  • Basic flash duration has been reduced by approximately 15%. The flash effect dissipates approximately 20% faster. Helmet “flash protection” has been reduced by 10% (20% for the Tournament Rifleman helmet). As a result, the full cycle of the flash effect (the stun + dissipation) has been shortened for all helmets (except for the Tournament Rifleman helmet). The goal was to reduce the flash effect on regular helmets while increasing its effect on the Tournament Rifleman helmet.
  • PvE, “Middle East”; fixed an issue with receiving occasional damage from climbing the sandbags.
  • Special Operation: ‘Blackout’; fixed an issue with players falling behind (if they didn’t go through the gates) not being teleported along correctly.
  • Fararm W.S.S.10 & AP-84 Custom drop rates have been readjusted to match the costs of other weapons of the same class found in the shop.
  • UI; the bomb marker is no longer displayed on the enemy mini-map.
  • UI; item duration counters in the inventory have been optimized for items with less than an hour left.
  • UI; expired items are no longer displayed in the “Already purchased” tab
  • Optimization; loading times have been improved by approximately 30%.


  • PvE, “Balkans”; removed a floating object and shaky textures
  • PvE, “South America”; AI should no longer get stuck in some missions, the “next objective” marker is no longer displayed until the heavy rifleman is dead
  • PvE, “Africa”; fixed some areas causing characters to get stuck
  • Special Operation: “Icebreaker”; enemies no longer freeze in a grenade throw while leaving cover
  • Special Operation: “Black Shark”; Sprint Boots are no longer visible in the dark
  • Special Operation: “Anubis”; fixed an issue with elevator getting stuck if players occupied the two top corners of the platform
  • Special Operation: “Anubis”; fixed areas making players invulnerable to Enigma attacks
  • PvP, “Plant the Bomb”, “District”; fixed a single positioning bug (player getting stuck)
  • PvP, “Plant the Bomb”, “Destination”; fixed a bug that allowed shooting through the wall in a specific area
  • PvP, “Team Death Match”, “Airbase”; fixed a missing decal
  • PvP, “Free For All”, “Bunker”; players will no longer get stuck outside the map
  • PvP, “Free For All”, “Motel”; fixed an issue with players potentially getting stuck in a specific spot
  • PvP, “Free For All”, “Train”; it’s now impossible to get outside the map
  • PvP, “Storm”, “Invasion”; fixed visual artifacts
  • Python: fixed the cylinder position (falls correctly down the line now)
  • RMG Custom: fixed an issue with golden variant not delivering increased damage to cyborgs as it should
  • RMG Custom: fixed visual positioning when used with a female skin
  • UI; fixed an issue with Vendor (Arsenal) weapons not displaying correctly under “Already purchased”
  • UI; fixed Anubis SX-41 icon (used to display MS Radek instead)
  • Animation; particles (smoke, fire, etc) no longer disappear when playing in the windowed mode
  • Animation; defibrillator charge no longer lags in the air if the medic starts moving right after resuscitation
  • Sound; fixed a bug with underbarrel grenade launcher firing silently at times


  • UI; rank-restricted items with the “NEW” status appear in the bottom of the menu in the shop
  • Westerner 1887; the hand may ‘slip’ through the weapon during reloading
  • Westerner 1887; some skins may cause the weapon to be positioned incorrectly
  • UI; the mini-map doesn’t display slain enemies

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