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Black Shark Fararm ATF 12 – returning to stores

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Medics often undertake the role of breachers with their close quarters capabilities. You just don’t mess with twelve-gauge at point-blank ranges!

Meet Fararm ATF 12, the ‘Black Shark’ edition, a tactical pump-action shotgun to settle any dispute. Let’s take a closer look.

First up is the unstoppable firepower: entire 700 points of damage should all your buckshot land. In other words, even the half of 350 is enough to take them down, as only 285 points of damage are needed to get them out of your way.

Up next is accuracy. To start with, the barrel length and design come into play, and if that isn’t enough, the tactical Picatinny rail enables you to install the 1.2x FastZoom collimator sight. This one won’t obstruct your field of view and on top of that, snapping in and out of your sights is barely noticeable at all.

Aside from that, you’ve got your usual shotgun configuration: 6 rounds, competitive effective range and superior rate of fire – to its key competitors, anyway. ATF 12 is easy to manage, unlike the bulky pump-action shotguns so frequent to impede your mobility.

The Black Shark variant of ATF 12 comes with a soft non-glare red finish at the bottom of the shotgun – who says you can’t combine the good with the pretty, as well as delivers 20% increased damage to cyborgs.

As such, if you’re a combat medic headed for the future ‘Blackout’ special operation – you couldn’t find a better shotgun to arm yourself with.

Just like any other ‘Black Shark’ series weapon, the Black Shark ATF 12 enables you to secure a custom achievement for landing a total of 5000 killing blows. Pin it as a stripe on your profile, Shark Slayer!

And hurry up! The gun will be available till August 10th!

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